Peanut Butter, Art, and the Sustenance for Life: Unfiltered Writings from a Friday Morning in Wales.

Peanut Butter:


   There’s an addictive quality to peanut butter. Mother nature is the perfect chef; putting both peanuts and apples on this earth is no coincidence. And God gifting someone with the idea to take peanuts out of the soil, break them out of their shell, and masticate them into a paste? A miracle. Some may say it’s fatty, but I will let them know why fats are not bad. 




“Is it art??”

“Did you create it?”


The Sustenance for Life:


   Cooking is the art of learning how to live; if I Am going to eat, I may as well manifest from my thoughts, into reality, into my mouth, into my stomach, and into my cells. Food, eather, and air are the only essentials for a third dimensional life, and the latter two are completely taken care of by Mother Nature. Food, on the contrary, has been transformed by human intuition and tools - not a bad thing. Cooking, preserving, and fermenting food has allowed us to spend less time chewing (most omnivores and herbivores spend almost half of their lives chewing) and more time to do other things such as create art, build technology, connect with spirit, and discover math and science - all of which have been used for peace and war. Transforming our food allows us to evolve because it supplies more energy (calories) to our brains and more nutrients to our cells. 

   However, we are standing by as our food turns from the sustenance for life into the sustenance for environmental degradation, animal slavery/cruelty, human disease, death, and famine. We’ve allowed the food we eat to be engineered, not artfully crafted (wordplay on the food corporation), by people who’s sole intentions are to make excessive amounts of money, not our well being. Food is now designed to be as addictive as possible, with drugs such as refined sugars, refined fats, artificially made sodium, fluoride, artificial flavors, food coloring, and preservatives hijacking our bodies chemically, neurotically, and hormonally.

   There is a simple way to radically decrease the influence of the modern industrial food system: prepare food ourselves with ingredients as closely sourced to nature as possible. Doing this shifts the power from the hands of corporations back to the Earth and ourselves: a divine relationship. We accomplish this by purchasing organic produce (or growing our own produce), cooking food in our homes, devoting creative energy to cooking, sharing our food and knowledge with our loved ones, and composting natural waste. 

   Preparing our own food is an essential tradition that has been practiced by almost every person for thousands of years… up until the last hundred years. Preparing our own food means to become in tune with our bodies, feel what they need in our hearts, and manifest that need into reality with the tools we have around us.



For Light to Grow

For light to grow,
It must not be concealed.
For light to grow,
It must be supported like electricity is flowing throughout.
We are made of light,
And if we are concealed, we will not grow.

If we are concealed, then we must flee.
Fleeing to grow, is not fleeing out of fear.

We must leave darkness, learn how to grow, and practice growing where we are supported until we become bright enough to engulf the darkness of our oppressing origin.


“Constant personal and spiritual progression generates happiness.”


   I experience happiness in waves - I experience going up the wave, the peak, the come down, and the bottom. Recently, I have been at the bottom of the wave, which has been a surprise to me as I now have my desired external circumstances of traveling freely: currently in Rome, Italy. Not remaining spiritually, mentally, and physically (health) grounded, my adjustment of scenery has been similar to changing the screensaver on my laptop: nice, but not very impactful. 

   Despite my initial confusion, I am re-realizing that a circumstantial change doesn’t equate to being more happy. Continuous inertia is cause for happiness; when we become internally stagnant, we allow holes to form in the solid ground where we drop direction, creativity, and love for all that surrounds us. I have recently allowed this to happen to myself, as I have reached my desired external circumstances of living a nomadic lifestyle without demanding obligations from others (day job), so I started to think that inner prosperity would be served to me on a plate next to olive oil tossed fettuccini and mushrooms (thank you Italy!). However, when I obtained this perspective, I became frequently distraught; I began to eat more, I didn’t fully appreciate my surroundings, and I became less adamant about writing, exercise, breathing purposefully, and meditating - practices that are grounding. Disengaged from my grounding practices, I become focused on circumstances as opposed to internal progression, which results in enjoying my surroundings less. 

   In the third-dimensional world, we will always be on the inside looking out, therefore our immediate surroundings are a reflection of what’s inside of us. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain order within our temporary dwelling places: our bodies; our temples. The more we maintain a lively and orderly temple, the more enjoyable the view is out the windows. This is the lesson I haven’t been integrating recently, as I have had circumstantial focus instead of internal focus, even though my current favorable circumstances are a result of my personal progress. 

   When ego becomes involved, we stop progressing and start expecting to progress; while circumstances can create space for happiness, they will not fill that space on our behalf.

Share your light gold soul.

Much love, 

Being the Solution

"Capitalism is a demon that is possessing more people, cities, countries, and continents than any other plague in history"

   At this moment in time, human life is subjugated to living like machines. Most of the earth’s population perform monotonous and repetitive tasks most hours of the day to earn enough money to allow them to live, if that. Massive overproduction of food, clothes, cars, housing, toys, and every product, has stripped passion from daily work. At most other times in history, aside from conditions of slavery, people would dedicate their life to work, whether they be a scientist, baker, carpenter, doctor, or farmer, they executed their daily work with intention. Now, as use of machines becomes more widely used, people are forced to perform the same type of work; creating even doctors, scientists, and lawyers whose only interests are to act off of routine instead of intuition. Being that the sole purpose of a modern worker is to sell their labor for dollars, doctors take interest in prescribing medications and performing expensive, and often unnecessary, surgeries, as they will be paid more from pharmaceutical companies, whose only interests are to make money, further supporting their company leaders positions as elite billionaires. Even professions that are entitled to integrity for the well being of others have been bought off and operated as machines.

   Capitalism prioritizes the economy at all times and conditions, treating it like a living being that needs to be fed at a continuously accelerating rate, taking priority over plants, animals, humans, and Mother Earth as a whole - real living beings that are intended support each other. 

   The term bourgeoisie means the modern capitalist class; those who buy wage labour to meet their means of production; the oppressors. The proletarians are the working class; those who sell their labor to survive; the oppressed. The bourgeoisie thrive off of expansion and overproduction in time of crisis, a trait so foolish it would have led to riots in any other time in history. When people who already do not have enough shelter, food, and sustenance, production becomes detrimental. A monumental writer on the shortcomings of capitalism, Karl Marx wrote “Modern bourgeoisie society with its relations of production, of exchange and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, is like the sorcerer, who is no longer able to control the powers of the netherworld whom he has called up by his spells.” 

   In context of energy, capitalism is a demon that is possessing more people, cities, countries, and continents than any other plague in history, and it is continuing to spread to parts of the world that have previously rejected it at a rapid pace. That is because the bourgeoisie have forced their influence onto every group of people in the world they can, and with that comes the spread of consumerism - lusting for desirables and products that a people’s immediate land can not satisfy. Consumerism further spreads the power of the bourgeoisie by increasing demand for more products, therefore putting more pressure upon the proletarians. Higher demand of products matched with higher use of machinery results in poorer conditions for the working class with more monotonous jobs, longer hours, and lower wages. 

   Capitalism is a philosophy that most people are born into, like an oppressive religion. Whether it is a belief people choose to accept or not, they are forced to comply with it, being asked “what they want to do when they get older” from the time they are able to speak, being enticed to go to college, a massive private profit making institution, to pick a career path that they will make the most money possible, and being shown by parents, media, and governments that consuming is the best way to achieve happiness. Buy a new outfit, get a cup of coffee, go out to eat, watch Netflix, consumption over creation is the message fed to the working class by the bourgeoisie. 

   Creation within the working class is detrimental to the elitist capitalists, as it denies their products - their means of existence. The more you and I write, make music, paint, draw, cook, and the less we consume, the more power we have over ourselves. If we wish to live without oppression, we must dedicate ourselves to living as modestly as we can. Become content without a new outfit, become content without getting a cup of coffee, become content without going out to eat, become content without watching Netflix, become content without eating meat and dairy, as the meat and dairy industries are the largest contributors to global warming and rainforest destruction. Becoming content with yourself is not only the most sufficient way to achieve happiness, it is the most sufficient way to topple a system that is consuming at a rate that is not sustainable for the Earth; the problems that are already apparent to the people in “less-developed countries” are already apparent to the people living in inner-cities in America, along with Native American enclaves, and rapidly becoming apparent to everyone who isn’t apart of the few billionaires in the world as people are having to work 40 hours a week to still live in poverty. 

   Every day, you can be the solution by giving, creating, and consuming less. With the condition the world is currently in, sustainability, and the well being of the earth, current, and future generations is a personal responsibility.

Much love gold souls, spread your light with every action you manifest.


P.S. This blog post is influenced by The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, a book that I purchased last week and have picked up to read almost every day since (which is a rarity for me). Growing up, I was taught that Marx was an evil man, a hater of freedom, and an endorser of sameness, however, after reading the thoughts that have come straight from his own dome, I’m realizing that that was Reefer Madness type propaganda. If you are interested in being aware of the consequences of the system we live in and support, I suggest you read this book.


   “Chasing something to consume would be easier than being still and creating.”

   Creating physical activity, art, or a state of meditation produces solidarity in the soul yet dis-ease for ego. Ego prefers consumption. Consumption of conversation, drugs (food, sugar, caffeine, television, weed, etc.), and time puts the ego at ease. However, a hedonistic lifestyle is not sustainable. After the pleasure of consuming one thing, our ego wants another thing to latch onto; the pace of consumption accelerating the more we consume.

   Every moment we are faced with an opportunity to create or consume. In this moment, I can continue writing or I can go inside, cut open that papaya on the table in the kitchen, squeeze some lime on it, and sit in bliss as I indulge in fruit. While papaya is healthy and I have yet to eat breakfast, I desire the papaya, I don’t need it. I want to enjoy cutting it open, scooping out all the slimy peppery seeds from the inside, sinkinga spoon into its lively orange flesh, feeling the tender yet juicy texture of it in my mouth, and experience the distinct flavor of papaya flood my tastebuds as my jaws clench down on the fruit. See, that sounds like a sensual romantic affair, not a need for food, but that’s exactly how my mind sees it: an experience of the senses. Nonetheless, I am maintaining my criss-crossed position outside my apartment, typing, one word at a time, on this welcomed chilly, grey, LA morning. While my ego is urging me to go inside and eat that papaya, my divine self is flourishing with every word that comes from source, to soul, to intuition, to fingers, to keyboard, and to computer screen. 

   In dilemmas with self or ego, we are restrained from reaching our potential and sustained happiness. Ego is the devil on the left shoulder telling you to choose the path of least resistance, and that’s usually the path I go with. The path of least resistance is not the path of fruition, longevity, and peace. For me, the path of least resistance, which I am steadily trailing off of towards a path of light, consists of working a day job, living in one place, going places to buy things (usually food), and other unproductive, spirit-defiling activities: these are the endeavors that Lucy on my left shoulder loves. The path of light consists of meditation, creating music, writing, and friends, and becoming more aware of my body via hiking, working out, and yoga.

   Every moment, we are pestered by Lucy on the left. The angel on our right shoulder is settle with his will, as are all beings of light. Beings of light do not command their will upon us, as they are of the understanding that it is essential that all beings exercise free will. However, if we will to choose the path of light in this moment, we will be gracefully acknowledged.

   Right now, do not fall into your next action, move into it with diligence, as that is the difference between consumption and creation: intention.


Much love gold soul,

Ryan Tempfer. 



“If I start writing now, I fear I won’t stop - fear is only a limitation that exists when I allow it to.”

   The idea of limits has occupied my mental and spiritual space recently. Particularly how we (humans) believe in their existence; humans are likely the only lifeforms that allow fear into our experience. For example, a mountain goat will faithfully prance up to the edge of a 2,000 foot cliff, knowing that he is not suddenly going to fall over the edge. Therefore, he stands on the edge, embracing the profound dynamic of height. Then there’s seven year old me, entangling my limbs around a lone tree on top of Stone Mountain, crying as if life were being sucked from my soul, even though I was hundreds of feet away from all edges of the gently curved mountain. I had already envisioned myself tumbling over the edge before I had seen it, doubting my ability to stand, whether it be next to a tree or next to a cliff. The reason I wasn’t on the edge like the mountain goat embodying the beauty of the breeze, view, and headspace the moment had to offer is because I was giving fear more power than love.

   If permitted, fear will influence all endeavors of life, so we must dedicate every thought, breath, and word to belittling it. Love what is in front of you fearlessly, for it has manifested into this specific moment for you. Breath in fearlessly, for the breath we are inhaling is providing us the vitality needed to exist in our third dimensional space. Breath out fearlessly, for the breath we are exhaling is toxins leaving our body and pouring into the cells of another being of light as life. Speak fearlessly, reflecting your inner being through your words with whomever you interact with, whether it be your mother or someone you’ve never met. With powerful intention, “hello” is enough to convey your essence to another being. 

   To overcome limits, we must first be aware we have attached them to our heart/mind, or our “citta,” which is a Sanskrit word that means the essence of heart and mind in unison, forming the underlying essence of our soul. Once we are aware of our limitations, we can take proper disciplines to extinguish their influence over our actions. Embarking on purposeful detachment is a powerful way to rid ourselves of boundaries. A current adventure that embodies this I am embarking on is called “banana island,” which is another way of saying a banana fast. On banana island, I’m only eating bananas, coconut water (and the meat from young thaicoconuts which I often receive my water from), and spinach. But mostly bananas. While there is much to talk about in regards to banana island, it is a tool that is allowing me to separate myself from craving food like a drug. Even though I eat a healthy organic whole foods plant based diet, I still lust the thought, scent, and taste of food, so much so that I will think about it when I’m eating, not eating, and when I’m not even hungry; I’m addicted to food. Eating strictly bananas, coconut water (as well as coconut meat), and banana-spinach coconut water smoothies focuses my energy on being fulfilled by the support these three foods offer me. I’m noticing the limits I have around food start to diminish as I’m waking up around 7:00 A.M. with boundless energy throughout my day to run, do yoga, meditate, create, lift weights, and do things that are new to me such as spending time reading and pushing my body with breathing techniques and sensory input going from a sauna into cold water. Discipline is needed to move past our limits, however, discipline doesn’t have to be solely associated with patriarchal systems such as public schools, governments, and jobs that use negative discipline to overstep our sovereignties; true discipline is necessary in becoming the people we need to be.

   Today, know that we are limitless and take actions that defy fears. Create, share love, and do little harm in every step we take. Namaste.

Much love, 

Ryan Tempfer